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A One-day Trip to İzmir

Spend the perfect weekend on Turkey’s sunny west coast

“Explore the beauty of İzmir on a one-day trip! Visit historical sites, indulge in delicious Turkish cuisine, and take in the stunning views!


İzmir is on the west coast of Turkey and looks out over the Aegean Sea. It is an hour by plane from Istanbul. What stands out is how the ancient world is still visible, how a mosque and a church can sit next to each other, and how a woman in a burkini and a woman in a two-piece can wade into the sea on the same beach. Here’s how to plan a one-day trip to İzmir and the coastal area around it, which is full of different things to see and taste.


Here is the itinerary for one-day trip to İzmir:

Into modern İzmir

10 a.m. Start with a small cup of cay (tea) or kahve (coffee), which are usually served without milk in Turkey. Coffee is a strong, thick drink in a cup, and tea can be flavored or unflavored. Both can be purhcased at cafes and stands all over the city for a few liras or less. The Roman Agora, which is the remains of a public square from the fourth-century, should be the first place you visit. Although the site is still being excavated and enlarged, you can still walk through the arches and columns and get an idea of how ancient people lived in ancient times.




At 12 p.m.,you can stroll through the 500-year-old Kemeraltı Bazaar, a huge collection of open-air stalls and traditional stores selling everything from clothing to spices, juice and souvenirs.


3 p.m. The heart of the city beats in Konak Square, with its ornately patterned Ottoman-style clock tower.  The 117-year-old clock was a gift from the German Emperor Wilhelm II and is a beautiful piece of architecture. The picture is made further embellished by the small mosque at the edge of the square. The gardens around them are like an oasis.


6 p.m. In a seaside town, you almost have to take a walk by the water. At Konak Pier there is cinema, stores, and restaurants.



9 p.m. Kumpir, which is a baked potato with toppings, doesn’t get the attention it deserves in Turkey. Try  Atıştır Café, where you can specify the ingredients you want on your baked potato and they will serve them up for you. You can use corn, meat, sauces, vegetables, cheese, or cheese. Go crazy.


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