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Safety in İzmir

Protection from fraudsters and pickpockets

İzmir is thought to be a safe city compared to other big cities in Turkey or around the world. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that people who come to our city feel safe. But you should still watch out for a few things to stay safe.


To avoid pickpockets, it is best to:
  • Keep anything valuable close to you, like in the inside pockets of your coat or the front pockets of your pants.
  • Hold on tight to your purse or other bags in crowded public transportation.
  • Avoid parks and corners at night that are dark.
  • On the railway(especially in İZBAN), don’t fall asleep, especially at night. People who are sleeping often have their phones and wallets stolen. If you’re very tired, it’s best to stay on your feet or maybe take a taxi.
➢ Take only amounts of money and valuables you really need with you.
➢ Carry any valuables as close to the body as possible. Inside pockets of jackets, front pockets of trousers, neck pouches or bumbags are all well-sui-ted.
➢ Always carry handbags and shoulder bags with the fastener or zip towards your body.

➢ Always close your handbag or shoul-der bag and never leave it unatten-ded.

➢ Don’t show large amounts of cash. Take special care when withdrawing money and afterwards.


In case of emergency or if you are in danger,
immediately dial free:


Emergency number 112


If you become a victim or witness of an of-


Loudly draw other people’s attention to
the perpetrator(s).


Directly ask other people for help.


Call the emergency number 112 and ask
for help.


Take care of the victim(s).


Memorise any characteristics of the


Agree to act as witness.

Beware of fake policemen

Fraudsters look for places where tourists go and pretend to be police officers to steal tourists’ money and credit cards. Don’t carry more cash than you need, and always ask police officers for their official ID. The Turkish police have compiled more information in a leaflet.

Steer clear of food stall and street games

During the warmer seasons, fraudsters set up some street games, especially around preferred tourist locations such as Konak Square, Kıbrıs Şehitleri, Kordon, etc.. The police recommend: Stay clear! You will always lose to a fraudster.

Also avoid from food stall to protect your health.

Contacting the police

Like in any other big city, each district in İzmir has its own way of running things. There are no “no-go” zones in İzmir. İzmir is cosmopolitan, Izmir is friendly, and Izmir is safe, especially in the places where tourists tend to go. Still, you can never be sure that crime won’t happen. If you see a crime or are a victim of a crime, you should call the police right away.

Important phone numbers





Police station near Konak:

Kantar Polis Karakolu,

Akdeniz, Pasaport İskelesi 75 C,

35210 Konak/İzmir

Tel: +90 232 464 80 91


Police station near Alsancak:

Alsancak Polis Merkezi,

Alsancak, 35220 Konak/İzmir

 Tel: +90 232 446 07 45

Important Situations in İzmir


The Emergency Rescue Health Project, or AKS 110, was started by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to provide emergency rescue and health services in case of natural disasters like traffic accidents, fires, earthquakes, landslides, and floods, which can happen at unexpected times, places, and in unexpected ways and can have an unknown number of victims and effects. Please call 110 to get in touch with AKS 110 in the following situations.



Please give the address of the fire scene, the type of scene (house, warehouse, factory, etc.), the cause of the fire, if you know it, and your name and phone number.



In case of a traffic accident, AKS 110 teams have special skills and tools to help anyone trapped in a car.
The main goal of Emergency Rescue and health services is to provide a full service for rescuing accident victims from their vehicles using special rescue techniques, giving them the emergency medical care they need, and getting them to the best hospital as soon as possible if they are hurt in a traffic accident and stuck in a car.



If there are floods, please call 110 to let the Fire Department know.


AKS 110 is there for you in the event of floods, earthquakes, or landslides. Please call 110 to get the necessary information to the right people.



AKS 110 is there for you if you get stuck in a high building, a building falls down, you need help at sea, you fall down a well, or you get stuck in an elevator. When you report an incident, be as clear as possible about where it is, how to get there, what kind of incident it is, and how many people are in danger.


The AKS 110 runs all the time. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Call the toll-free number 110 for help with a fire, a natural disaster, a car accident, an explosion, etc. You can make these calls for free from your cell phone or a pay phone. Please keep in mind that false reports will waste time and cost money. Free services include putting out fires, all kinds of rescues, and evacuations in case of heavy rains or floods.



Please go to the AFAD website, which is a rescue group set up to minimize the damage and effects of any disaster in our country and to take action. There, you can see a list of all the places in the city where people can meet up in case of a disaster.