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İzmir with children

Family trip to İzmir with children

Ideas on where to go with your child
  1. The İzmir Wild Life Park

Izmir boasts a lot of interesting landmarks, lovely parks and beaches, as well as a lot of kid-friendly entertainment options. The Izmir Wild Life Park, regarded as one of the most stunning and fascinating locations in the city, is well worth exploring for families traveling with children. Here, lions, giraffes, and elephants roam through roomy cages. There are numerous trees and decorative plants throughout the zoo. On its grounds, there is a fascinating terrarium as well as a sizable park area where peacocks may be seen strolling. Additionally, there is an artificial pond with crocodiles and an aviary with horses that guests can feed.

Enterance Fee:(2023)

Normal Ticket: 20 TL

Student Ticket: 10 TL For kids 0-6, enterance price is Free. 
2. The Pırlanta Beach

The Pırlanta Beach, which is also excellent for family vacations, is located close to Izmir. This sandy, shallow beach. Strong waves are relatively infrequent, therefore one may unwind here even with children in a completely comfortable environment. Since the beach is quite big, it is simple to locate a quiet spot to unwind on its grounds. Children will enjoy playing in the sand and swimming in the beautiful water.

3. The Kent Forest

The Kent Forest is a must-see destination for nature lovers. It has excellent recreational facilities. This park has wonderful pavilions where you can plan a picnic, lots of walking pathways, and open areas where you can play sports. Off the coast, on a little hill, is where the park is situated. A beautiful panoramic view is accessible from some of its observation decks. On the park’s grounds, there are a number of playgrounds for kids and noteworthy monuments.

4. The Umran Baradan Oyuncak Museum

The Umran Baradan Oyuncak Museum children’s museum can be visited to diversify the leisure program’s cultural offerings. This museum features a sizable and fascinating collection of toys that both adults and children will find fascinating to investigate. There are some truly antique toys among the ones that are on display. Numerous handmade toys can be found in the exhibit. Also present are several top-notch contemporary toys. The Umran Baradan Oyuncak Muzesi is the perfect museum for families to visit.


A variety of water parks and amusement parks should be mentioned because they continue to draw in family travelers. Coskun Lunapark is the city’s top theme park. It is right in the middle and dazzles at night with its vibrant, artistic illumination. This lunapark has a fantastic Ferris wheel, lots of activities for enthusiasts of extreme sports, as well as kid-friendly carousels and game areas. The lunapark also has cafes and gift stores where visitors may spend the entire day relaxing and having fun. The inexpensive pricing of the amusement park are another appealing aspect.

5. Aqua Fantasy

A standout among Izmir’s water parks is Aqua Fantasy, which will pleasantly surprise guests with its big area, lovely accents, and assortment of attractions. For people who do not want to go far to go on a beach vacation, this water park will be a fantastic alternative. It offers a variety of pools, including stunning pools with made-up waves. There are numerous kid-friendly slides, playgrounds, and swimming pools in the water park, as well as roomy terraces with sun loungers where visitors can sunbathe. It is unnecessary to bring food because there are several fast-food outlets inside the water park.

6. Space Camp

The goal of the daily tours at Space Camp Turkey is to get students more interested in science and to teach them about space and space technology. During the tour of the training center, participants will learn about how astronaut simulators work and how they are used. They will also get to see how the simulators work.

Shop for children in İzmir?

The outdoor markets are fantastic substitutes for big-box stores and they are always very reasonably priced. Although you won’t find anything particularly “stylish,” it’s enjoyable to explore and inexpensive! Turkey is home to sewing facilities for well-known companies like Zara, H&M, LC Waikiki, and Gap. While at home, I enjoy visiting these shops and noticing that their merchandise is labeled “Made in Turkey.” I always buy things for the kids and do my small part to support the textile industry back home because I think their European product is generally more interesting than the lines they release in America.

Play with your kids in İzmir?

“Beaches, of course… Boyalık in Ceşme is our favorite family beach since the water is incredibly clean and shallow for miles. So playing is great for the kids. The Ilıca Hotel is an excellent option to rent a cabana and enjoy their food and drinks while you play if you want to have a lot of fun and don’t mind spending the lira. The best park in Bornova, İzmir is called Bornova Great Park, and at night it transforms into a nighttime wonderland populated by kids, hawkers, and cafes. Both children and parents like it greatly. Both children and parents like it greatly. It’s also close to Bornova Forum, a fantastic outdoor shopping center where you can stroll around with the kids and pick up a few things. Finally, there are two fantastic waterparks that saved my life. First, Oasis Aqua Park in Alaçatı and Ilıca Aqua Toy City in Ceşme. Even the grownups found it enjoyable, and the youngsters couldn’t get enough of it.

Eat with the kids in İzmir?

İmren Restaurant: “Eat with the youngsters. They have a several sites, but our favorites are in Cesme: one is on the main street and the other is perched on a hillside with a view of the water. You will see why this place is one of the oldest businesses in the neighborhood when you dine there! The home-cooked, traditional Turkish food there is the greatest. The best part is that you may choose from the variety that is on display in front of you, and it will be served to you as you place your order. They quickly bring it to your table after that, making it a breeze for kids. They also have a sister establishment on the hillside that specializes in meat and meze, or small plates of cold dips and dishes made with olive oil that are served before a main course. Meze is also known as “Turkish tapas.” In fact, when I’m at home, I only eat meze. I evaluate a restaurant based on the caliber and taste of its meze.

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