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5 Language Apps To Prepare You For Your Trip Abroad

5 Language Apps To Prepare You For Your Trip Abroad

Get ready for your trip abroad with these top 5 language apps! Learn essential phrases and immerse yourself in local culture effortlessly.


One aspect of international travel that I particularly enjoy is the acquisition of linguistic knowledge, wherein one gradually assimilates vocabulary through incidental exposure and establishes connections with individuals by conversing in their respective native tongues. For individuals who may experience apprehension while considering a visit to a foreign place in which they lack proficiency in the local language, the following applications are available to assist in preparation and enhance confidence while traveling internationally.


When considering strategies to become more conscientious and thoughtful tourists, acquiring knowledge of a country’s indigenous language demonstrates a genuine appreciation for its culture. Additionally, acquiring a more comprehensive comprehension of the world beyond one’s personal experiences enhances the overall experience and benefits derived from a journey. This encapsulates the essence of travel, which is fully engaging with and experiencing a another culture.


The subsequent applications will facilitate language practice at a novice or intermediate proficiency level, making them ideal for refreshing one’s knowledge of French or Spanish from high school, or for acquiring rudimentary skills in an unfamiliar language. There are various types of language learning platforms available, including those that incorporate game-based activities, listening-based exercises, and opportunities to interact with native speakers worldwide. These platforms enable learners to engage in practice sessions and establish new relationships in a prompt manner.


1. Duolingo

Languages | 43 languages including Turkish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and more.
Price | Free



The platform offers a total of 43 languages, encompassing Turkish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian, among others. Additionally, it is worth noting that the service is provided free of charge.


Duolingo continues to be widely recognized as a highly popular method for acquiring proficiency in a foreign language, with an impressive user base over 300 million individuals. The platform asserts that dedicating 34 hours of engagement with their instructional materials is equivalent to completing a semester of conventional language instruction. Although the basic version of the service is provided at no cost, a premium subscription option is available for a monthly fee of $7. This upgraded edition offers an ad-free experience and additional tailored lessons.


The Duolingo application is a user-friendly platform that is accessible on desktop devices as well. It facilitates the acquisition of vocabulary and grammar knowledge through enjoyable and manageable lessons. These lessons encompass several language abilities, including reading, speaking, writing, and listening. Additionally, there are specific sessions dedicated solely to listening or speaking exercises. It is important to note that Duolingo is more suitable for individuals at the beginner level rather than those at an expert level. Therefore, it is particularly beneficial for acquiring fundamental language skills prior to embarking on a vacation.



2. HelloTalk

Languages | 150+ languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, & Dutch
Price | Free 


The language exchange application known as HelloTalk facilitates the opportunity for individuals to engage in language practice with native speakers of a target language. Participants will be provided with the opportunity to engage in written communication, exchange audio recordings, or engage in phone conversations with others who are fluent in the target language being learned. This reciprocal interaction will facilitate the acquisition of the native language for the learner, while simultaneously enabling the native speaker to enhance their proficiency in the learner’s language.

The application boasts a substantial user base, namely 13 million individuals, and offers integrated features designed to facilitate language acquisition through translation support, pronunciation assistance, and error correction, so promoting a natural learning process. Furthermore, they provide an extensive selection of over 150 languages.


3. Mondly

Languages | 41 languages including Spanish, French, German, Croatian, & Bulgarian
Price | Free, pro option for $10/month


Mondly, developed by Pearson and based in Brasov, Romania, is a highly acclaimed language learning application that has garnered recognition from reputable media outlets such as CNN, Bloomberg, and Forbes. The application features a gamified interface designed to facilitate rapid acquisition of vocabulary and phrases. Additionally, it offers instructional modules covering a diverse range of 50 themes, thereby equipping users with the necessary linguistic skills to navigate prevalent scenarios encountered during travel.

Mondly provides customers with a complimentary lesson on a daily basis, following which a subscription fee of $10 per month or $48 per year is required. In addition to its language learning software for individuals, Mondly also provides language learning software tailored for businesses. Furthermore, Mondly offers a dedicated application called Mondly Kids, which is particularly suitable for individuals who plan to travel with children during the summer season.


4. Tandem

Languages | 300 languages including Spanish, French, German, & Italian
Price | Free, pro option for $14/month


Tandem is a language exchange application that facilitates the pairing of native speakers with learners from various regions globally. For instance, individuals proficient in English seeking to enhance their French language skills can engage with French speakers seeking to improve their English proficiency. Users will be provided with the chance to engage in authentic discussions through several mediums such as text, voice messages, and video conferencing. Additionally, Tandem offers the assistance of online tutors to enhance the learning experience. The application functions similarly to social media platforms, allowing users to search for individuals based on their location. This feature facilitates the establishment of friendships in certain trip destinations, while also facilitating language acquisition.


The free version of Tandem allows users to engage in conversations with several individuals. However, it is important to acknowledge that in order to utilize features such as filtering by city or enjoying an ad-free interface, the acquisition of Tandem Pro is necessary.

Tandem Pro is available for a monthly cost of $14 when billed on a monthly basis, or at a discounted rate of $6.67 per month when billed annually.


5. Babbel

Languages | 14 languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, & Turkish
Price | Plans ranging from $15 to $99/month


Babbel, the leading and pioneering language application, is specifically developed to facilitate language acquisition and practical application in real-world scenarios.


The primary emphasis of their instructional approach lies in the utilization of authentic conversations, while their courses, which are delivered through a mobile application, are meticulously crafted by a team of highly proficient language educators. In addition to its application-based instructional modules, the platform also provides supplementary educational resources like as live virtual lectures, podcasts, interactive activities, and multimedia presentations, thereby facilitating personalized and self-paced learning experiences according to individual preferences and aptitudes. If one desires to quickly attain a proficient degree of speaking in a foreign language, Babbel is likely the suitable application to employ. However, it is important to acknowledge that a standard membership solely grants access to a single language.


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