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7 Tips to Live Like a Local When You Travel

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When we travel, there’s nothing wrong with being a tourist. But we should also try to learn as much as we can about the local culture. When we get to our destination, we’re often excited to see all the top tourist spots, but we might miss some of the little gems that are just down the street. So, it’s important to take your time and find out what the locals like best about the place you’re going.




No matter where you go, it’s important to try to speak the language there. Start by being polite. Practice saying:

Thank you


How do I get to the bathroom?

How are you?

Good evening


Even if you aren’t very good at learning languages, starting with “please” will show that you are at least trying to be polite when you ask for help. Be ready to say things wrong, and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself as you try out new ways to say things. Laughter is a way of communicating that is used all over the world.


There are great apps to learn and practice languages all over the world, and online language schools are a great option for people who want to learn more than just a few phrases. The courses at Freestyle Languages are great for travelers who want to learn Spanish, French, or Italian. They focus on real-world phrases and slang and cover topics and language approaches that will have you confidently talking with locals in no time.




Stay in locally-owned lodging whenever possible. Unlike commercial hotels, boutique hotels and apartments offer a more local experience. If you rent an apartment, you can visit the market and cook in your unit. Join a home exchange group to completely integrate into the community.


Stretch your legs after getting comfy in your room! Fill your water bottle and visit a nearby park or distinctive green place. Nature is a great way to recharge after a long trip!


In Vienna, bike paths are green but walking paths are not, so watch out for cyclists. Locals may urge you to walk faster on a bike path.



Always eat near to the ground. In İzmir, try Pazı, İzmir bomba, olives, and olive oil. If you dislike a food, try again. Once you become used to a cuisine, you’ll never forget how delicious that sour bite is. Try a cuisine in a place that specializes in it for a different (and tastier) experience.


Finding the best local eateries that specialize in various cuisine is a terrific way to get off the tourist track and meet friendly locals who want to share their favorite recipes. Foodies around the world love those who try local cuisine!



Local transport is great for exploring. It enhances your experience and is wonderful for people watching. It’s ideal for slow travel.


Thus, set smart goals. Take the usual bus and sightsee around İzmir if you have time. Download the app to navigate İzmir’s bus, ferry, izban and metro lines.

Local transportation requires planning. This may require purchasing a metrocard or studying route maps before arriving. Don’t delay residents!

Biking is another fantastic way to travel like a native. Renting a bike is a fun, active, and interesting way to visit the locations most people pass by.


Before riding a bike in a new place, be sure you know the restrictions. Some cities are more bike-friendly than others.



Before visiting a destination, research its activities and events. Try visiting İzmir in July for sea season. Bring bikini! 

best places to make activity in izmir kordon İzmir Alsancak Kordon might interest you. If so, visit in spring to maximize your chances of sighting them!


Find locals-meeting events when you arrive. Try yoga or cookery classes. Attend local festivals or live music events.


Finding an organization to volunteer for is a terrific opportunity to give back and explore a culture few tourists see. When seeking such possibilities, beware of voluntourism.



Travelers can make local acquaintances in different ways. Homestays and exchanging are great ways to meet locals. Ask for assistance in a food shop or market. Conversation may lead to coffee. Don’t be hesitant to strike up a conversation in a cafe, pub, transport, or store. Locals are kind and love meeting new people in many countries! People and how they live are what make a place.


You might even play soccer or congratulate a great kite flyer in a park near your temporary house. Go for a local coffee, tea, wine, or beer!


Finally, check social media for pre-trip activities. Find interesting and social local events on Meetup and Internations.


while you are in izmir visit kemeraltı bazaar Wandering local markets may be a travel highlight! Bring local cash to traditional markets. Not all local market stalls accept credit cards or money. A passport bag around your neck and under your top layer of clothes is a great way to secure your cash. Never place cash in a jacket or back pocket. Front pockets are fine.


Carry a folding nylon bag to hold your purchases. Buy your groceries early in the day for the freshest variety, then return to browse non-food things.


You can often find the work of local artists at markets. Find something that the person running the stall made if you want to take something home with you. When you use this cup, plate, candle holder, or scarf, you’ll think of this place and how you felt when you were there.


Lastly, try to stop at local markets along with the other things you want to see. If you walk to Kemeraltı Bazaar, you’ll see some interesting parts of İzmir. You might find a piece of jewelry at that flea market in Kızlarağası Inn that you will love for the rest of your life. Get out and walk around!


No matter where you go on your next trip, these tips will help you have a better time. Remember that famous landmarks are great to see, but the stories you remember are often the ones where you met interesting locals or found hidden treasures. Try putting more value on quieter, more subtle moments and slower travel on your next trip abroad and see what happens. It might completely change the way you travel.

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