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10 Reasons to Visit Ephesus

10 Reasons to Visit Ephesus

Top 10 reasons to visit Ephesus: rich history, stunning beauty, Roman architecture, fascinating insights into ancient life. Discover why it’s a must-see destination.

Selcuk Ephesus is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. This is a list of natural and cultural sites that are important from a historical, ecological, and social point of view. The UNESCO Committee of World Heritage Sites makes the list. In 2015, the Ancient City, Virgin Mary House, ukurici Hoyük, and Ayasuluk Hill, which are all parts of Ephesus, were chosen to be on this list. Selcuk town is proud of its history, takes care of its historical assets, and wants to pass these values on to the next generation.

Would you like to visit these UNESCO World Heritage Sites to learn about their rich cultural and histories?

Let’s start our trip at the museum in Ephesus.

With the cultural groups it hosts and the number of people who visit it every year, the Ephesus Museum is one of the most important in Turkey. The most popular things in this museum are the Ephesus Artemis Statue, Eros with Dolphin, Eros with Hare, Head of Eros, Priapos Statue, the marble Artemis, the Egyptian Monk Statue, Isis, various mythological gods, and the Head of Socrates.

The statue of Artemis from Ephesus is the most important piece in the museum. In Roman and Greek mythology, Artemis was a symbol of chastity, but in Anatolian mythology, she was a symbol of fertility and plenty. She doesn’t have a bow, and she is the same as Kybele, who was from Phrygia. In honor of this Goddess, the Ephesus Artemis Temple, which is one of the seven wonders of the world, was built.



Driving time from Ephesus to İzmir is one hour. You may reach Ephesus quickly and easily from Istanbul’s International Adnan Menderes Airport by taking either the IZBAN or TCDD trains.


Ephesus and the surrounding area are easily accessible by public transit for tourists coming from both inside and outside of Turkey. Visitors from all over the world are able to visit Selçuk Ephesus because of its convenient location in relation to major seaways, railroads, and highways.


There are direct flights to 86 different cities in 34 different countries from İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, making it a very active hub. Moreover, you can get there from practically anywhere in the world by taking one of the many connecting flights from Istanbul, which takes only an hour from İzmir.


Selçuk is ideally situated for day trips to many of the Aegean Region’s top tourist destinations, including Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Pamukkale, Kuşadası, and Ayvalık.


A ferry service connects the Greek island of Samos with the Turkish city of Selçuk.


It’s clear that Selçuk is a hidden vacation gem waiting to be discovered, and there are various ways to get here.



Selcuk cuisine is a wonderful blend of Cretan, Greek, Balkan, and Turkish cuisines, owing to the city’s extraordinary history of sheltering numerous civilizations and ethnicities.


Olive oil, the most valuable component in Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine, has been utilized in this region for over 4000 years. Specifically, the olive oil from the trees in the Değirmenboğaz region near irince is renowned for possessing the perfume of thousands of wild herbs and is quite valuable.


The principal ingredients of the region’s cuisine are the fruit, vegetables, wild greens, and herbs that thrive on the fertile terrain irrigated by the Menderes river and cooled by the Aegean Sea’s pleasant breeze. Olive oil is used to either boil or roast wild greens. It is thought that salads and mezes produced with these greens have curative properties. The city is renowned as the birthplace of op iş (a special shish kebab).


The region’s signature delicacies include stuffed zucchini blooms and milk thistle. Peaches, mandarins, pomegranates, and quinces are the most important agricultural products of Selçuk Ephesus; they all have characteristic fragrances and are marketed in markets bearing the name of the region. People from all over the country and the world have been visiting Şirince for wine tasting for decades due to its reputation for its fruit wines. Gokçealan is renowned for its Osmancık grapes, and the surrounding vineyards have received numerous medals for their wine.


This city’s cuisine, mezes, and salads are nutritional powerhouses with outstanding flavor.



(Şirince, Gökçealan, Çamlık Train Museum, Çetin Village Culture Museum, Belevi Mosoleum, Zeytinköy Gebekirse Village, Bird Heaven, St John, Aquapark)

Selçuk Ephesus surprises you with different and unique sites even outside the UNESCO heritage area.



Leave the plane if you genuinely want to be free!


The airport in Selçuk/Ephesus has been converted into a drop zone by the professional team at Parachuting School in order to introduce the sport to as many people as possible all year long. The weather in Ephesus is ideal for this activity, and nearby tourist hotspots including the ancient city of Ephesus, Virgin Mary’s House, irince, Artemis Temple, Kuşadas, Seven Sleepers, and more guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


In addition to the starting course, the parachuting school has trans pupils in many other fields, including target, style, formation skydiving, canopy formation, sky surfing, freestyle, wingsuit, and others.



The briefing for a tandem dive lasts about 15 minutes. At a height of 4000 meters, the dive begins under the supervision of highly skilled tandem pilots, and for 45 seconds, participants experience a free fall at a speed of over 20 km/h. When the two-person parachute opens, a unique experience of floating above the historic city of Ephesus with views of the great sea and the sun’s dazzling rays begins. From the jump to the landing, everything is captured on camera so that you may share this priceless event with your loved ones. The dive lasts one hour under typical circumstances, but during tourist season and depending on the weather, you can have to wait anywhere from one to three hours.


Shoes are a must-have.


You should put on comfortable clothing and sneakers in order to experience the fun of skydiving. High heels, boots, or sandals are not advised.


Each diver must certify on paper before to the tandem dive that they are healthy both physically and emotionally.


There is no upper age limit for tandem diving, but if a participant is under 18, their legal guardian must sign a permit. Other requirements for tandem diving include a body weight range of 45 to 90 kilos and a maximum height of 1.90 meters. THK Gökçen Aviation Ephesus Skydiving and flight center

tel: +90 232 892 6447

mobile phone: +90 (505) 545-2193

Email : [email protected]




The Artemis Temple, one of the seven wonders of the world, was once located in Ephesus. The temple was the most significant one in existence at the time.


One of the first seven churches in the Bible mentioned is Ephesus.


Popes visited the Virgin Mary House after the Vatican designated it as a place of pilgrimage in 1961, including Pope 16 and Popes II Jean Paul and VI Paul (2006).


Every day, new information is discovered during the ongoing excavations at Selçuk Ephesus. Ephesus is a must-see city from the beautiful past and a destination to read, listen to, and learn about.




It’s noteworthy to see that women have always been included in celebrations of Ephesus.


The powerful women in this city’s history include the 9000-year-old figure, the Amazons, Ephesus Artemis, who is essentially a continuation of the Anatolian Mother Goddess Kybele, and Virgin Mary. These women’s tenacious personalities have become part of the city’s culture. The magical aura of all these women can be felt in the air of Selçuk, from Irince to Ephesus Ancient City, from Virgin Mary’s House to Ukurçi Höyük.


The powerful women in this city’s history include the 9000-year-old figure, the Amazons, Ephesus Artemis, who is essentially a continuation of the Anatolian Mother Goddess Kybele, and Virgin Mary. These women’s tenacious personalities have become part of the city’s culture. The magical aura of all these women can be felt in the air of Selçuk, from Irince to Ephesus Ancient City, from Virgin Mary’s House to Ukurçi Höyük.




Following the early settlement, Selçuk was established in many spots around the area. It has been known variously as Ephesus, Ayasuluk, and Selçuk over the years. It has always been an immigrant town that has seen a variety of cultures.


Ephesus Selçuk has traditionally served as a nexus for several civilizations and cultures. We suggest that you go to the Town Memory Museum to see how it has changed over time.


The structure was initially built as a tobacco warehouse and later utilized to store guns and ammunition during World War One. It was established as the Selçuk Ephesus Town Memory Museum in 2012 following a thorough reconstruction. The fundamental goal of the museum is to portray Selçuk Ephesus as a whole, including the evolution of its economy, politics, society, and culture, using the region’s natural features, population, historical monuments, historical artifacts, recollections, and documents. You will experience a region’s chronology as you move through the museum, giving you the impression that you are traveling through time.


Tel: +90 232 892 60 30/ 103 -+90 506 224 37 84


Address: 13 Selçuk Isabey Mh. Namık Kemal Cad., İzmir, Turkey




Pamucak Beach, which is nearly five kilometers long, is located 6 kilometers north of Ephesus and 9 kilometers north of Selçuk. In some places, the sandy shore’s breadth might reach 80 meters. Ephesus beach is open from May to October, and the area experiences sunshine for over 300 days a year. The beach has received the blue flag certification, indicating that it is one of the cleanest coastlines. In the hottest months, July and August, the water warms up to 25 to 26 C.


This location is ideal if you want to experience a calm, serene beach.


The unique flora of this shore, like the sand lilies, may whisper in your ears while you take in the tranquility of the surroundings about how the Great Alexander once walked on this sand or how great kings and queens once bathed in those lovely blue waters.


Since the shore is a conservation area, it is unspoiled and tranquil. The only structures you can see are those at the municipality’s campgrounds and retreat, where you can access showers, latrines, umbrellas, beach mattresses, food, and a variety of drinks. Waterparks, jeep, ATV, or horseback safaris are excellent forms of amusement if you want an active vacation. For any activity you’re interested in, the facilities accept phone reservations.


Camping, trailers, and water sports are all great at Ephesus Beach. If you don’t like camping, there are several five-star hotels nearby that offer a relaxing vacation. There are numerous options, and a vacation on this beach is a wonderful experience.




With its Mediterranean climate, the region of Selcuk Ephesus is known for its abundance. Olives and fruits grown locally, particularly grapes, mandarins, quinces, pomegranates, peaches, and figs, have earned a reputation for their quality. There is no better way to revitalize yourself while traveling, and you can find local fruit vendors on both sides of the road leading to Selçuk and Ephesus.


Olive trees can be found growing all over the mountainous terrain. The endemic olive known as the Memecik is used to produce cold-pressed olive oil, and particularly the olives from Deirmenboaz and irince have distinctive tastes with the fragrances of wild and aromatic herbs grown in the area. Memecik olives are used to produce cold-pressed olive oil. Olive oil producers in the area include Tane and Yaane, and both of their brands are deserving of a try.


Şirince is well-known for its fruit wines, which are created using fruits grown in the region. As you make your way through Irince, you will come across a number of wine-tasting establishments.


In the direction of Gokçealan, there are many vineyards situated on both sides of the road. If you happen to be in the area at the end of August or the beginning of September, you will be able to participate in the grape harvest. Participate in the festivities, acquire some grapes, and sample some local wines. Yedibilgeler Vinery and Hotel, which comes highly recommended from us, is located between Döltenaltı and Gokçealan. The quality of their wines, which are named after legendary characters or renowned philosophers, has been acknowledged worldwide. The pleasure of tasting award-winning wines while viewing the sunset is one you will never forget.




The area of Selcuk Ephesus is well-known for its boutique hotels and restaurants, which are known for providing exceptional levels of individualized service. There is at least one boutique hotel or restaurant that caters to each and every one of one’s financial constraints, and nearly all of these establishments have pretty high ratings on social or travel websites. All of the local businesses in this area have made the promotion of sustainable practices their primary focus.


The Little Hotels Association is pleased to be of assistance to you with any questions you may have regarding shuttle services, dining experiences, travel recommendations, and other related topics.




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