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Culture Park Amusement Park

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Culture Park

The Culture Park was established on January 1, 1936, under the direction of Behcet Uz. In accordance with Atatürk’s suggestion, the development of Kültürpark was intended to forge commercial ties with other nations.

The Culture Park encompasses an area of 420.000 m2. It includes 14 indoor exhibition halls, 4 conference halls, the Atatürk Open Air Theater, the İsmet nonü Art Center, the İzmir Art – Fair – Marriage Department, the Celal Atik Sports Hall, the Amusement Park, the Zoo, the Parachute Tower, the Youth Theater, the Painting and Sculpture Museum, and the Izmir History and Art Museum. In addition, there are 1850-meter jogging tracks, a swimming pool, an indoor sports center, tennis courts, and synthetic football pitches.

There are almost 8000 trees and 200 plants at Culturepark. According to the species of trees and vegetation cover, trees and vegetation are recorded. The annual fair held in Kültürpark lends the park an international flavor. IZFAS has also created a publication titled “Tree and Bush Species of Culture park” to enhance awareness of the vegetation in Culture park and to contribute to the development of nature consciousness.


Prior to the İzmir Fire of 1922, the majority of St. Stepanos Church and The Armenian Quarter were located inside the current park’s borders; however, this region was devastated by fire.


The Amusement Park



  • Toilets
  • Restaurant
  • Good for kids




  • Wheelchair-accessible lift
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance

What’s in Amusement Park İzmir?

Coşkun Amusement Park is one of the places you should definitely go to have fun in İzmir.

Lunapark Izmir is an entertainment center that serves every day of the week. However, it gets very crowded during the summer periods and especially when the İzmir International Fair takes place. Concerts organized by famous artists, comedy shows, theater and various entertainment events are offered to the participants for a fee and free of charge.

One of the remarkable amusement rides in the amusement park is the tunnel of fear. It is possible to enter, feel and experience paranormal events with the haunted mansion, which is very entertaining and curious especially by children and young people who love science fiction and fantasy novels.

Lunapark Izmir has a restaurant, cafe and WCs to meet your needs.

It is possible to experience and feel the adrenaline from the milk pitch with kamikaze, which is preferred by adrenaline enthusiasts. However, it is not a vehicle that is not recommended to be tried by people who do not trust themselves and are hesitant to challenge gravity.

It is strictly forbidden for children to ride on adult amusement rides. There is a wide variety of amusement rides for children. There are carousels, bumper cars, little ponies and many other amusement rides that children love the most. You can reach the amusement park where you can have fun with your family safely from the map below.



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