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Çeşme, Ilıca Beach

Ilıca Beach, Çeşme

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İzmir Çeşme, one of Turkey’s tourist attractions, is famous for its Ilıca beach. Although there is more than one beach in the region, Ilıca beach is different from the others in terms of its features.

Is Ilıca Beach Free to Entry?

There is no fee to get on the Ilıca beach. Along the beach, there are buffets where you can get things like sun loungers or umbrellas.


This beach’s golden sands are stunning. With its 3 kilometer coastline and huge surface area, Ilıca beach attracts beachgoers. The beach’s size also keeps people apart. Although it is very crowded in summer, it is always possible to find a secluded spot on the beach.

The sea in Ilica is very shallow. It is tremendously sandy. There is access for the disabled. Suitable for families, young people and everyone. The sea is warm.

The beach has a blue flag and is regularly secured by lifeguards.

On the beach, there are shower and changing areas that are free to use.

Unfortunately, there is no place to park at Ilca Beach. But there are places where you can leave it for free, and there are also places where you have to pay.

Where is Ilica Beach and How to Get There?

Ilıca Beach is located in Çeşme, a popular coastal town in the İzmir Province of Turkey. Çeşme is about 80 kilometers west of Izmir city center. Here’s how you can get there from Izmir:

  1. By Car:

    • Take the O-32/Aegean Motorway from Izmir in the direction of Çeşme.
    • Continue on the motorway until you reach Çeşme.
    • Once you reach Çeşme, follow the signs to Ilıca Beach.
  2. By Bus:

    • You can take a bus from the İzmir Bus Terminal (Büyük İzmir Otogarı) to Çeşme.
    • There are regular bus services operating between Izmir and Çeşme.
    • Once you arrive in Çeşme, you can take a local minibus (dolmuş) or a taxi to Ilıca Beach.
  3. By Dolmuş:

    • Dolmuşes are shared taxis or minibusses that operate on specific routes.
    • In Izmir, you can find dolmuşes departing from various locations, such as the Fahrettin Altay Square or Üçkuyular İskele Square.
    • Look for a dolmuş heading to Çeşme.
    • Once you reach Çeşme, you can take another dolmuş or a taxi to Ilıca Beach.

It’s always a good idea to check the latest transportation schedules and options as they may vary.

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