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Best Cafes, Restaurants and Bars in Alsancak

Best Cafes, Restaurants and Bars in Alsancak

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If you are in Izmir for a few days and want to have something to eat and drink during the day, here are the best cafes, restaurants and bars in Alsancak.


Dostlar Fırını

Dostlar Bakery is mostly a place to go for breakfast. But you can come here at any time of the day and eat fresh and hot boyoz. Boyoz is a specialty of Izmir and is a pastry originally developed by Safarad Jews. It is not made at home because it is quite laborious to make. It tastes very good thanks to the tahini added to the dough. You can usually find plain boyoz sold everywhere in İzmir.

However, at Dostlar Bakery, you can find all kinds of them, from spinach to olive to chocolate. If you haven’t tried it before and you are going to taste it for the first time, we definitely recommend the one at Dostlar Bakery. You can have a nice breakfast with a hard-boiled egg and tea.


Bravo Patisserie

If you want to drink fresh tea in Alsancak, or have a cup of coffee and a slice of freshly baked cake, you can go to Bravo Patisseire. Bravo Patisseire is one of the most popular places in Alsancak, especially for its always fresh cakes and tea. In addition to strawberry and chocolate cakes, you can also find cakes such as Medovik, a favorite of Russians.

Cafe Del Mundo

Cafe Del Mundo is a cafe where you can have breakfast and eat for the rest of the day. More precisely, it’s a cross between a cafe and a restaurant. Moreover, it is one of the favorite Alsancak places for beer lovers. Alsancak cafes In this place, you can drink beer and find different food options. It is also one of the most popular Alsancak places with its interior decoration and library.

Leona Patisserie Boulangerie

Another café in Alsancak where you can have breakfast, eat something sweet and drink coffee is Leona. All the pastries and desserts produced in this cafe are very popular. Especially the croissants are very popular and you can have a pleasant time at any time of the day.

La Puerta

La Puerta is one of the places that will catch your attention at first glance. Because both the exterior and interior decoration and the colors used are very successful. Moreover, it is a place where you can have breakfast and taste different beer options. The olives and jams they produce themselves and everything they serve for breakfast are very popular. Here you can find and taste almost all types of beer that are drunk and loved all over the world.

La Cigale

La Cigale is one of the places in Alsancak where you can go at any time of the day. You can have a nice breakfast here if you wish. Or you can have a nice lunch. In the evenings, you can drink wine with live music and try different flavors from world cuisine. The menu is quite rich in both red meat and fish dishes.

B’Ready Snacks and Bites

The place, which you can prefer as a hamburger cafe, produces its own hamburgers. It also prepares its own buns and patties, and its meat dishes and salads are also popular. Black hamburger colored with cuttlefish ink and appetizer options such as onion jam are also popular.

Varuna Gezgin

You can enjoy a beer and pizza in this perfectly decorated place with its library and souvenirs collected from other countries. As soon as you enter, you will feel like you are in a completely different place.

Çelebi Bakery

You should go to Çelebi Bakery Products for Izmir Bomba, a cookie with a fluid cocoa hazelnut cream inside. People form long queues for BOMBA, which has become one of the famous dessert of İzmir.

Keppler Pavilion

With live music accompanying seasonal dishes, Kepler Pavilion welcomes its guests with a rich cocktail menu.

OT Cafe

It is the preferred place with its rich menu and pleasant atmosphere.

Poka Coffee Roasters

The company roasts green beans from the best coffee growing regions and farms in the world and realizes the production in-house.


Mengoli is a restaurant serving hamburgers prepared with special daily prepared meats and homemade hamburger buns.


Since 2017, it has been serving its guests with fresh products by blending Italian cuisine with local diversity.

Famous Tavacı Recep Usta

It is one of the few branches opened by Diyarbakır’s famous master Recep Usta. The spacious place serves special products prepared from Diyarbakır’s milk lambs. His tava, stuffed ribs and boiled neck are famous. It is located in a garden in Kordon.

Moresi Old Village

It is one of the most heartwarming places in Alsancak. It is the place where the sea view and the breakfast flavors of the Aegean meet on the promenade. The old name of the place was Morisi, later changed to Moresi. In this cozy and elegant restaurant, where the most exquisite examples of Cretan cuisine, which is described as the simplest but healthiest cuisine in the world, are served, all dishes are prepared with A quality olive oil. Fresh herbs picked daily from around Izmir, Tire’s famous yogurt and cheeses, the freshest vegetables you can find in Izmir, and Ödemiş’s famous yellow potatoes are among the elements that make the menu unique. At Mutfak Girit, where no unnatural ingredients or additives can enter, all dishes are prepared daily.


Since 2000, it has been serving delicious food and a fun atmosphere.

Zeynel Ergin Gevrek Bakery

It is the oldest gevrek bakery in Izmir, dating back to the late 1800s. It serves kumru, boyoz and very good quality gevrek. The place offers these traditional flavors to Izmiris by cooking them in a black oven.

Patisserie Arpège

Arpège is undoubtedly the place with the most refined cakes and desserts in Izmir. In addition to their unique cakes such as La bombe, Dante, Pierre, Mont Blanc and Caramel Brownie, their Macarons and Cheesecakes are also legendary.

Reyhan Patisserie

The patisserie, which has been a favorite of Izmir since 1965 and has become a legend, now also serves as a cafe & bistro. The pineapple pearl almond pearl cake, brownie, cherry sukse with ice cream, profiterol polovak with ice cream are truly legendary.

Odelato Artisan Gelato

The right address for artisanal Italian ice cream made with all natural and seasonal ingredients.


a cute little coffee, tea, cup cake and dessert stop.

BeWater Coffee & Bookstore

One of Izmir’s newest treasures, the worldly bookstore & cafe opened by Esra Tellioğlu and her daughter Sahra in November 2019, takes its name from the Tao philosophy pioneer Lao Tzu’s ‘Be like water’ consciousness. Be Water Café, which creates awareness by saying ‘be flexible, strong, continuous and full of life like water’ on one wall and ‘be in the moment’ on another wall, is a neifs bookstore on the one hand and a café serving great coffees and flavors on the other.


There has actually been a very pleasant book & coffee shop in Alsancak for a while now. Kabuk, which has become a favorite place for its regulars, is really a sincere, warm and peaceful home of happiness with its books, coffees and homemade desserts such as magnolia, pastries and cookies.


Named after Gogol’s work, the sahaf is a small, cozy and original place offering a trifecta of tea, conversation and books. They give you a pair of binoculars to find the book you are looking for high up in the high ceiling and high shelves.


Each shop and place on the street makes you feel like you’ve traveled through a time tunnel, and Münire, a nostalgia corner, is both a coffee shop and a soda shop at the same time.

Black Ivory

Another delightful address for a new generation of quality and good coffee, to take your book and read, to eat homemade desserts such as magnolia.


One of Alsancak’s first favorites, Awake is the pioneer of the 3rd generation coffee house concept in Izmir. In addition to the coffees, flavors such as homemade brioche, brownie, strawberry tart, croissant are delicious.


You can have breakfast or brunch with a cup of this new generation coffee while admiring the murals of Italian Culture. Poached eggs, sourdough and gluten-free breads, brownies with tahini, smoothies with peanut butter, banana, honey, peanut butter, banana, honey, cold-pressed pure fruit and vegetable juices, and burgers with homemade bread make this place both healthy and delicious.

Cafe Junker

On a bohemian street that makes you feel like you’re in Soho, just across Münire’s, an antique shop and workshop center is a cactus paradise that hosts events such as antique auctions, beer tasting days, reading, writing, listening, fanzine meetings, record nights, and a delicious café.


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