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The 15-minute city

Discover İzmir’s coolest neighbourhoods by foot

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If you’re looking for a city break in accordance with the “15-minute city” concept, İzmir is a great option. There is nothing you could possibly need while you are in the city that isn’t just outside your hotel door. The greatest of the city’s culture, shopping, cuisine, and attractions can be found in any of the city’s charming neighborhoods, all of which can be reached with a simple stroll across the city.


Get to know the area like a local and learn about the distinctive İzmir way of life.

The Hotels of the 15-minute city

The 15-minute city is an innovative urban planning concept. It involves radically reimagining how we live in cities. The city of the future will no longer be centered on a single downtown location where citizens go to work, meet, and shop. Instead, residents will be able to receive whatever they need within 15 minutes of their homes. Every neighborhood is a miniature metropolis unto itself.


Here is where your İzmir vacation comes in. The city is already well-known for its vast metropolitan area, which encompasses a variety of unique neighborhoods with their own distinct sense of community and fiercely autonomous local culture. Thus, İzmir is the ideal place to establish yourself in one of these neighborhoods and experience everything it has to offer on foot or by bicycle. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discover eccentric sights, local landmarks, and hidden gems at your own speed. This isn’t simply a terrific method for locals and frequent tourists to see the city; even if you’re completely new to İzmir, you’re bound to discover amazing surprises off the usual path.


The hotels in the 15-minute city are situated in neighborhoods of exceptional beauty.

The 15-minute city: a new concept for your İzmir city break

The concept of the 15-minute city is an excellent approach to experience İzmir in the manner of a true local. When you get there, you’ll quickly realize that each neighborhood is like its own little world unto itself. Elegant addresses that are home to exclusive boutiques and fine food favorites coexist side by side with quirky neighborhoods that are known for their vibrant nightlife and cutting-edge culture. You have the option of experiencing the city’s high life or delving further into its seedier side.


Because İzmir is the kind of city that has historic landmarks and cultural landmarks around every corner, wherever you go in the city, you are guaranteed to find historic sights and cultural highlights.


The city’s sprawling metropolitan area includes many fascinating neighborhoods with their own community feel and fiercely independent local spirit. İzmir is ideal for exploring on foot or by bike from one of these neighborhoods. It’s a great way to explore unusual sights, hidden gems, and local favorites at your own pace. Even if you’re new to İzmir, you’ll find amazing off-the-beaten-path surprises.

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